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  • "Achterbahn der Gefühle (...) mit unglaublich nuancierter Mehroktaven-Stimme."

    Berliner Morgenpost
    19. Apr 2018
  • " strahlend weißem Lächeln und noch strahlenderem Bariton."

    18. Apr 2018
  • "...Der dunkle Prinz der Melancholie, der die Herzen schmelzen lässt wie in Deutschland derzeit kein anderer junger Chansonnier."

    17. Apr 2018

New Album


    “Chansons strip me bare, ” the chansonnier says. With self-composed love songs, great classics from the French and German chanson repertoire, and Russian romances, Vladimir Korneev pesents the audience with an evening full of passion and poetry.

  • Lieder

    In his program L I E D É Я the French poetry of Edith Piaf, Jacques Brel, Charles Aznavour and Michel Legrand meets the Russian soul of Vladimir Vysotsky, Alla Pugacheva, Mark Bernes and Alexander Vertinsky. Korneev sings of love, life and lust in all their power and their intensity.